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Strong, a Mussul Unsquit village

A Legacy of Woods and Waters

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Village viewed from the north, Strong, ca. 1940

Village viewed from the north, Strong, ca. 1940

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Strong Historical Society

Main Street through the business district was known as the village. On the west side, as seen here from near to far, was the Red & White Food Store, Lee Peary's grocery store, Mont's Beauty Salon, L. R. Lewis Drug Store, A. G. Eustis hardware Store, E. L. Kingsley meat market and the First National Store. On the east side of the street (not visible) was P. M. Stubbs law office, the telephone switchboard, post office and McKeen's Barber Shop.

Note the political banner stretched across the street for "F. A. Richardson for Representative." Fred Ardine Richardson first ran and was elected to the House in 1938 to the 89th Legislature and served three terms. He was Speaker of the House in the 91st Legislature, then ran unsuccessfully for Governor.

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