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Cover of Souvenir Program, 1954, Strong

Cover of Souvenir Program, 1954, Strong

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Strong Historical Society

Cover of the souvenir program for the 1854-1954 centennial celebration of the formation of the Republican Party in Strong.

On August 7, 1854 individual political conventions were held in Strong of the Free Soil Party, the Whig Party and the Morrill Democrat Party. Each party resolved to combine with the other parties to form a more powerful Republican Party. A joint convention was held and a basic platform was established. Candidates were chosen to support in the upcoming elections. Their candidate, Alvin Currier, was subsequently elected to the State Senate. At that time he was the only Republican Senator, State or National, in the United States.

On August 7, 1954 the Maine Republican Centennial Corporation hosted a centennial celebration in Strong, which included political meetings, a turkey dinner, a band concert, a pageant, introduction of candidates and a speech by the National Committeeman, Fred C. Scribner.

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